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Ghatkopar Cloth Stores (GCS) opened its doors in the year 1958. The founder, Mr. Mukund Mehta, launched the business to sell quality fabric and mill saris. In 1981, the business took a specialized form, selling only one product – saris – but in an unmatched variety.

Over time, the owners learnt about the gross cruelty borne by innocent silkworms to derive raw material for silk saris. More than 9,000 of these poor creatures are boiled alive to extract silk for a single sari!

Unwilling to be instruments of this mass massacre and to bring about revolution in Fashion Industry, GCS decided to deal only in Vegan silk saris. At that time silk alternatives were very few, but our determination was strong! Goodwill gained over the years and Good relations maintained with craftsman helped us in fulfilling our Dream! Craftsmen who were making silk saris agreed to make Vegan silk saris with similar lustre, vibrancy without compromising on quality! The year was 2006, and we stay true to our commitment towards compassion to this day.

Indian Traditional saris like banarasi, upada, patola, paithni, bandhni, mysore khaddi etc were made in Vegan Silk. Even embroidered and printed saris of Pure Georgette material were diversified to Vegan Georgette ! Very few know that Pure Georgette is made from 100% silk yarn!.

In 2011, our range of saris was certified by PETA, the premier international organization for animal rights.

With increasing demand of customers, GCS introduced Exclusive Lehengas, Indo-western, Dresses and Kurtis – all in Vegan Silk!

Recently, GCS won PETA India’s 2020 VEGAN FASHION AWARD for Best Vegan Saris.

The current directors of the company, Mr. Deepak Mehta, Mr.Bharat Mehta and Mr.Rahul Mehta, share the quest to deliver superior value to our customers. Ethnic designs, an extensive range and premium-quality products at affordable prices have lured the hearts of our customers.

Even today, GCS features amongst the finest showroom in Mumbai. GCS is the first ever showroom in India to promote Vegan Fashion! Visit our showroom and allow the friendly staff to help you select the Perfect Vegan-Silk Attire.

Remember, your compassionate choice can save thousands of innocent lives.




“To achieve maximum Customer Satisfaction by providing Exclusive products at a Reasonable Price.”


Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of Exclusive products and services and hold our ethics with wide variety of  anukampa collection.

– Conduct ourselves with integrity and live our Company Values.

– Deliver superior performance for customer satisfaction.

– Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust…


Honesty:  In our company there is no price discrimination. It is very common, when NRI customers walk in the shop, many firms hike their prices & lavish the customers, but for us every customer is the same, we sell the product at the same price only.

Understanding: We must be caring, show respect, compassion and humanity for our customers around the world, and always work for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Unity: We must work cohesively with our colleagues across the group and with our customers and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation…

Anukampa Collection

Did you know that almost 9,000 silkworms are boiled alive to extract silk for a single sari! The poor creatures are dumped into a vat of steam, their life is smothered out, before their cocoons are ripped apart.

We are sure that now everybody knows about the cruelty borne by silkworms to derive a silk sari but a lesser known fact is that a saree made from georgette also kills a same amount of innocent creatures as it takes to derive a kanjivaram silk saree. We at Ghatkopar Cloth Stores are doing our bit by saving these creatures from this inhuman practice.This is the reason why we launched the Anukampa Collection.

The GCS Anukampa Collection

The GCS Anukampa Collection is a range of exquisite saris made from compassionate ahimsa silk. Our offerings include banarasi, upada, embroidered, printed, cottons and other varieties for weddings, parties, family functions and other special occasions. You may make your selection amongst an array of colors and the latest styles. Besides, the same craftsmen who work on silk saris manufacture the GCS Anukampa saris, ensuring similar luster and high quality without the cruelty involved!

Our range of ahimsa silk saris is certified by PETA, the premier international organization for animal rights.

Visit our store to make your selection from our incredible assortment. Remember, your compassionate choice could spare 9,000 innocent lives.

GCS Next

‘Ghatkopar Cloth Stores Next’, is an exclusive showroom especially for the next generation. We understand the current fashion trends and thus we at GCS Next  provide our customers with a range of desginer gowns, beautiful readymade dresses and trendy kurtis.

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